Nashville In One Day

Nashville Sporting GoodsThis Friday I’ll be traveling to Nashville for SQL Saturday #51.  Because I rock, I picked a 5:40 AM flight out of Minnesota.  That means, after a stop in Milwaukee for cheese I should touchdown in Tennessee around 9 AM.

Awesome!  An entire day with Sarah (twitter | blog) and a rental car.

Since I haven’t been in Nashville since I was about four years old, I really don’t know what to do with all that time.  Some things that I’ve thought about are:

So I leave it to those that will be reading this… what would you do in Nashville on a Friday?

2 thoughts on “Nashville In One Day

  1. The current permanent home of the Opry is still closed due to flood damage from May. That's not terrible, becuase it means that it's at the Ryman a lot 🙂 . It also means that all of the other touristy things/attractions that go on around the Opry aren't available at the moment, either.

    I can't really add much to your list, because we haven't been here long enough to figure it out, either 😀 (ok, that and we're sorta hermits)


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