SSWUG Fall 2010 Virtual Conference This Month

Conference Time!
Conference Time!

The SSWUG Fall 2010 Virtual Conference is coming up.  On October 20-22, you can attend a conference from the comforts of your living room, office, or couch.  And while you are at it you’ll get to sit in on some incredible presentations, interaction with speakers, and chat with other attendees. All of this from the comfort of your cube.

For this conference you will get (source):

  • Access to all 6-tracks across SQL Server, SharePoint and Business Intelligence
  • Session transcripts, presentation slides, and scripts.
  • Chat live with presenters during their sessions.
  • 45 Days of Ondemand – watch any of the sessions later if your work day interrupts the session

My Sessions

Of course, you may have guessed that I’ll be speaking again. My topics will be the following:

Getting A Grip – Adventures in Multi-Server Management

Today’s SQL Server environments have seen an explosion of databases without a similar increase in DBAs. This change has allowed management of non-mission-critical databases to interfere with mission-critical databases. Beginning with SQL Server 2008, a number of tools were introduced to help you take better control of your SQL Server environment and deal with “database sprawl.” Some of these tools include the advent of Policy Based Management to the addition of the Utility Control Point, in SQL Server 2008 R2. In this session, we’ll take a look at the tools already at your disposal and some free CodePlex tools that you can use to get a grip on your SQL Server environment.

Building An Incremental Archive With SSIS

Archiving production data can at times be a pain. The business may want some of the data or all of the data. They could want the latest version or all versions of the data. They could want 15 tables from the database and then 200 tables next week. All of these variations can at times drive us mad with building the correct solution. In this session we’ll review an incremental archiving solution. This solution is based on a previously deployed process that provided the end users what they needed while maintaining a flexible design.

Digging Deeper Into the Procedure Cache

At the last SSWUG Virtual Conference, we scratched the surface of querying SQL Server’s procedure cache with XML. In this session, we’ll continue digging into the procedure cache to find more information regarding the performance of the SQL Server instance. We’ll look into indexes that could benefit from included columns along with the cost of operations. Armed with this information and much more you’ll be able to go deeper into your instance.

Get Registered

Now that I’ve enticed you, take a moment to go out and get registered. If you want a bit of further enticement, enter the code F10VCJStrate when you register and you’ll receive a $30 discount on the cost of the event. Also, if you’ve been there and done that with the Virtual Conference before there is a further $10 discount when you register.

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