Stinking Feet?
Stinking Feet?

Want to learn some stuff about SSIS?  Want to do it from the couch and not have to get up for the whole morning?

If so or if the two opening questions intrigued you enough to get this far – then I have the answer for you.  SSWUG is offering a half day virtual conference on basic to advanced SSIS sessions.

The sessions will cover a variety of topics, but you’ll get some of the following through the content:

  • SSIS Sorting and Package Protection
  • SSIS Package Checkpoints and Transactions
  • SSIS Native Logging Features
  • Best Practices with SSIS Package Design
  • Deploying, Scheduling and Administering SSIS in Production
  • Real-world Business Scenarios with SSIS
  • Not only are these sessions free, but the presenters will also be in the chat during the sessions to answer questions and provide advice on using SSIS.  I’ll have a session at the event, my session will be:

    Solving Business Pains with SSIS

    SSIS offers a wide range of features and functionality that can be used to solve business pains within Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes. These pains can be caused by the performance of current ETL process, the maintainability of ETL processes or represent a new pain that SSIS features can resolve.

    This presentation will provide a demonstration of real world scenarios where features of SSIS were used to solve business pains through modification of existing SSIS packages or through the creation of new SSIS packages. The session will also discuss current best practices in SSIS package design.

    To wrap up this post, I’ll mention… the SSWUG Free Expo Event is in February on the 18th.  So mark your calendars and get registered.