Time To Get Your #SQLRally Vote On! – Part 2

SQLRally Winner[11]Now it’s week three of voting for the upcoming SQLRally.  This week, we are voting for the  Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment sessions for the conference. 

Part “two” when we are on week three you may wonder?  Well that’s because I have a session listed in this track as I did in last week’s track and I’d like you to vote for it.  The session is Discovering the Plan Cache and can be found with the Performance category.

This session is a based on performance tuning that I do with my clients.  It also contains information from the plan cache posts that appear on my blog from time to time.  This is one of those sessions where you hear about some great things that you can do in your environment which you can take information to the office that day (or the following week) and start using.