TechFuse 2011 – This Month

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If you’re looking for a day of training in the Twin Cities, then check out Benchmark Learning’s 2011 TechFuse event.  The event features eight tracks of sessions from infrastructure and developer topics to, of course, SQL Server topics.  The event is on March 17, 2011 at Mystic Lake Casino – if you are interested in this, you can register here.

I bring this up because I’ll be one of the speakers.  My topic is:

Discovering the Plan Cache
10:00 – 11:15
Jason Strate, Digineer
Session Level: 300–Advanced
Execution plans are stored after execution in the plan cache. This metadata can provide insight into how your SQL Server environment is functioning. By using XQuery we’ll search the plan cache to find potential performance issues and opportunities to tune your queries. This information can be used to help reduce issues related to parallelism and shift queries from using scans to using seek operations or discover which queries are using what indexes. All of this and more is readily available through the plan cache. In this session, we will explore the plan cache and start you on the road to discovery.

The session will be a combination of a few talks I’ve done around information in the plan cache.  This will have a little less introductory information on querying the information and more on the information that is available.