Where's StrateSQL?

Earlier this year, I had started off with a bang. I think I had 51 posts in January with a huge dip now as we approach the end of May. You may be wondering if I burned out or dropped off the face of the earth. Or maybe not.

Long story short, I’ve been working on a book on indexing. Cover to cover it will just be on indexing and it’s going to be a few hundred pages long. Hopefully, when it comes out it will be worth having dropped off of blogging for quite a bit.

Speaking of the book, if you have indexing ideas, strategies, gotchas, and etc. that you think must be in an indexing book please e-mail them to me at jasonstrate@gmail.com. For the most part, the book is on my perspectives and experiences and I want to encompass as much outside of that as I can that is worth adding.

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