PASSion Award Nominations

PASSion Award

One of the things that makes PASS a successful organization is the volunteers.  To show it’s appreciation for these volunteers, each year PASS awards the PASSion Award to a volunteer.  Before PASS can do that, though, there is a nominations process to make sure that the people in the community let PASS know who they think are candidates for this award.

Well, right now is that time for that nomination period.  It’s been open for a short period of time, but that window is closing shortly.  And by shortly, I mean on September 7.

The question for you to is who in the community matches this statement:

“For exemplary service and commitment to the PASS organization by inspiring the community to collaborate, learn and grow through knowledge sharing and peer-based learning”.

If you know someone, let PASS know with an e-mail.  In the e-mail, include the following information:

PASS Committee(s) Involved In:

Which Committee(s) they Chair (if any):
Years of Service to PASS:
Goals or Activities Accomplished This Year:
Why do you feel this person should be awarded the PASSion Award?

Maybe you are lucky enough that you already know the winner of the award, PASS just needs to hear about it.