PASS 2011 Countdown – 2 Weeks To Go

I’m not sure how we got to 2-weeks until this year’s PASS Summit.  If you haven’t registered yet it’s really getting to be time to do that.  It’s really easy to do, click on the banner below and enter your information and your neighbor’s credit card, but I didn’t say to do that.


In the time it takes to watch the video below, you could easily be registered for the summit.  Go ahead, give it a try.

Now that we’re done hearing me butcher Sinead O’Connor, we need to think about important things… such as lunch because bald heads make us hungry.  When traveling to conferences, it is sometimes tempting to jump out over lunch and grab an offsite meal to recharge and refresh.  Unfortunately, if you do that, you’ll be missing out on some great events that are happening over and during lunch.

Chapter Lunch

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The first lunch of the PASS Summit includes the Chapter Lunch.  This is an opportunity to meet and connect with chapters and members within geographical regions.  If you are new to PASS and the summit, this is a chance to get to know people that you may know from home or establish new contact with people that you may see after the summit at monthly chapter meetings. Chapter leaders and regional mentors will be on-hand as well to help people get connected with others and maybe get you connected to the local chapter.

WIT Luncheon and Panel Discussion

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This year marks the 9th year of the Women in Technology luncheon.  This event is a chance get together with peers to discuss the role of women in technology.  It’s the same lunch everyone else gets in the exhibition hall – with the exception that it comes with swag and prizes.

The topic this year is “Make Yourself Heard:  How to Ask for What You Want at Work”.  And while it will be more focused on the female gender, there is probably some tips that will come up that men can leverage as well.

The panel this year includes:

  • Karen Lopez
  • Yanni Robel
  • Rick Bolesta
  • Sharon Dooley

Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Lunch

Friday, October 14, 2011

The final lunch for the week is definitely not one to be missed.  MVPs and SQLCAT architects will be hosting a few tables around the lunch room to discuss and moderate discussions over some good chow.  While the topics haven’t been announced yet, they are shaping up quite well.  Regardless of that, though, this is a chance to corner some MVPs and members of the SQLCAT team and talk with them about their passions.  There are bound to be some desserts shared over this lunch.

So as you are pulling your plans together, be sure to think about lunch.  While you are restocking on energy to get through the afternoon, use the time to meet some new peers and gain some new perspectives.

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