SSWUG SSIS Expo Event This Friday

Home Sweet Cubicle

If you are looking for a little training on SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) without having to leave the comforts of your cubicle – this is your week.  This Friday (11/19/2011), SSWUG will be hosting an expo titled “Building and Developing with SQL Server Integration Services”.

The event will consist of four sessions that will cover topic, such as:

  • Using containers in SSIS
  • Looping over Files, XML nodes, ADO and SMO
  • Identifying common issues in SSIS packages
  • Loading a data warehouse using SSIS
  • Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of using the SCD Wizard in SSIS
  • Building a incremental archiving solution in SSIS

Throughout the event, the presenters will be available, live in the chat room, to answer questions.  They are there to clarify and expand on the materials in the presentations.  Of course, you’ll want to know who the illustrious presenters are for the event, and they are Mike Davis, Eric Johnson, Devin Knight, and myself.

What does it take to get into the SSIS expo?  Quite simply, you just need to register.  That’s it.  Afterwards, you can review the information and webcasts online to catch anything you may have missed.

Hopefully, you can attend.  If so, I look forward to seeing you in the chat rooms.