Speaking in Colorado Springs

MountainI’m probably going to have to put together a new SQL video, because I’ve been accepted to speak at SQL Saturday #104.  The e-mail came in last night and it appears I have two sessions for the event.  Enough about those for the moment, let’s talk about the upcoming event.

SQL Saturday 104

To start with… if you read the title of the post, you know that the event is in Colorado Springs, CO.  It’s a SQL Saturday, so that also means it’s a full day of training for the low cost of free.  There is a lunch fee – but that’s nominal and you could skip it if you wanted – but why would you.

Free, huh?  So is the training worth it?  Of course, it is.  There are national and regional speakers coming out to provide training on everything from performance tuning to developing BI solutions.  Just take a look at the event schedule and you’re sure to see a handful or more sessions worth seeing.

Is the day just about the sessions?  Nope!  Outside of the sessions there are opportunities to improve your career through professional development.  There will be resume writers on hand, technical recruiters performing mock interviews, and and Women in Technology session over lunch.

All of this, as I mentioned, for free.


As I mentioned in the introduction, I’ve got two sessions for the event.  The first is the same session that I delivered at the PASS Summit this year.  The session has been fairly popular and seems to resonate well with people.  The other session is a new concept that Thomas LaRock (Blog | @SQLRockstar) and a couple others have put together.  It’s a dual presenter session that requires a bit of audience participation.  Come by for both sessions for a good time and some great information.

Discovering the Plan Cache

Execution plans are stored after execution in the plan cache. This metadata about how queries are executed can provide insight into how your SQL Server environment is functioning. By using XQuery to browse and search the plan cache you can find potential performance issues and opportunities to tune your queries. This information can be used to help reduce issues related to parallelism, shift queries from using scans to using seek operations, or discover exactly which queries are using what indexes. All of this and more is readily available through the plan cache. In this session we will explore the plan cache and start you on the road to discovery.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Performance Tuning

Life is all about choices, and when it comes to SQL Server it is no different. If you don’t have a methodology for researching questions and resolving issues then you need to get one, and soon. Join Microsoft MVPs Jason Strate from Digineer and Thomas LaRock from Confio Software as they help guide you while YOU make the choices in this interactive performance tuning adventure.

Hope to see you at SQL Saturday #104 and don’t forget to register.  Also, as you are registering please take a moment to consider opting in to sponsor e-mails – they are a huge contributor to the success of the SQL Saturday event.  Arnie Rowland (Blog | @ArnieRowland) does a great job explaining why this is a good idea.