2013 Polar Plunge #SQLPlunge

logo_plunge_bear.pngNext month… on March 2… I’m going to jump into a lake in Minnesota.  Now it’s cold in Minnesota.  In fact, they’re going to have cut a hole in the ice so that we can do this.

Why are me and a few friends doing this?  Well, partly because we are a little bored.  But mostly to help raise a little money for the Special Olympics.  The Special Olympics, if you aren’t aware, is a sports organization for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.  The organization serves communities all over the world and has more than 50,000 events each year.

So, of course, I’m asking if you, my dear reader, will sponsor me in this endeavor.  Will you help some kids out with a little sports activity.  And if you need a bigger incentive… will you send me to the ice… or hole in the ice… wearing a unicorn mask?


Thanks Already

A special thanks already to those who have already sponsored me.  This includes:


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