Start Getting Ready for PASS Summit 2013

banner_event_summit2013Seems so early in the year, but it’s already time to start getting ready for this year’s PASS Summit.  There are two things to think about early on with the summit.

First, what are you expecting from the summit?  The summit is built based on community input and PASS needs to hear your opinions on what should be a part of the summit.  To gather those opinions and thoughts, PASS is conducting a survey.  But, what if you aren’t sure if you are going?  You should sill complete the survey, maybe your input will help make it the summit that your boss wants to send you to.  Also, they’re having a drawing for a Surface Tablet for those that complete the survey… so there’s that too.  You can find he survey here.

Second, are you interested in volunteering your time to help make this year’s PASS Summit everything it can be?  If you are, there is a second survey; which is more of an application, that you can complete to volunteer your time.  Depending on your available time, there is usually work with speaker selection, session selection and community activities that PASS needs help with.  Some tasks take just a few minutes of your time and others might take a dozen hours or so.  But if you are willing to give back to the SQL Server community, there’s an opportunity to do so by completing this survey.

So, if you have the time – think starting to prepare for the PASS Summit now by either (or both) completing the content survey or submitting to volunteer.