Webcast “Value of Performing Wait Analysis” This Week with Pragmatic Works

WebcamEver have your SQL Server slow down for reasons that you can’t explain?  Or did you spend all night tuning a query to perfection only to have it bog down in production?  Want to find out what’s going on?  If so, read on…

This week, I’ll be presenting my session “What Are You Waiting For – Explanation of the Value of Performing Wait Analysis” for the Pragmatic WorksTraining on the Ts” webcast series.  The session is this Thursday (Feb 21) at 11 AM EST.

The session details are as follows:

You’ve spent the afternoon sweating over your T-SQL query. You’ve wrung out all of the wrinkles. It’s deployed, it’s running… now its waiting. In SQL Server the most performant query can become a problem query if there aren’t any resources in the SQL Server for it to use. In this session, we’ll look at wait statistics and what they are. We’ll look into how they are accumulated and how they can be monitored. By the end of the session, you’ll be equipped with the tools needed to determine if there are resource issues in your environment and methods to start mitigating them.

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