May 2015 – SQL Server Monthly Maintenance Checklist

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It’s time for a monthly reminder to review you SQL Server environment.  Hopefully over the last few months of this post not being published you’ve still been going through and performing your monthly SQL Server environment checklists.

As with anything, just because it appears to be running well, doesn’t mean that there isn’t an unknown element causing issues today or in the near future.  As DBAs, it is critically important that we ensure the performance and availability of our company’s data.

A good way to review your environment is to have a checklist.  Checklists might be mundane, but they help ensure that we get the basics done and provide the flexibility to check other things, while we are at it.  For some reading on checklists themselves, check out my review of The Checklist Manifesto.

As an example of what you need to check, you can use my 10 Monthly Maintenance Tasks for SQL Server.  It covers most everything in your SQL Server environment that needs to be checked. If you see anything missing from that list, please leave a comment on this post.  And if there are good resources out there that should be included on the list – share those as well.

Checklist Updates

Since the last update, there have been a number of updates to SQL Server.  The most important in the list is the release of Service Pack 2 for SQL Server 2012.  The whole list of changes to the list are:


Is there something missing in this checklist or with the pages that has been overlooked?  Any cool links that would aid in the review of your SQL Server environments?  If so, leave a comment below and I’ll take a look.