PASSMN Presentation Follow-Up: Strategies for SQL Server Index Analysis

QptKUCrD_400x400This past Tuesday, I got a chance to speak at the Minnesota SQL Server User Group.  It was a great turn out and I wish I had more time to stay for the happy hour.  I’ll definitely need to make more meetings than I do, specially since I am traveling less now.

My topic for the night was Strategies for SQL Server Index Analysis, which hits on pretty much one of my most favorite SQL Server topics… indexing.  An overview of the topics is:

Properly managing indexes for a database is a common use in many environments. When reviewing an index, should it have a single or multiple columns? Should the table be a heap, a clustered index or clustered columnstore index? These considerations are often at the forefront when analyzing your indexes. In this session, we’ll look at easy methods for identifying new indexes, we’ll review patterns for index consolidation, and discuss how and when to remove indexes. At the end, you’ll have a strategy that helps design indexes to improve performance.

Session Materials

The presentation materials, including the slide deck and the code can be downloaded from this link:

  • [download id=”5848″]

For just the slide deck, you can flip through the slides below.

Thanks to those that attended the user group, it felt like a pretty good session and a lot of the feedback was awesome