Searching for Plans

A while back I wrote a post on a procedure I created for the DBADiagnostics database that I talk about from time to time.  This procedure allowed users to search the procedure cache to find plans for procedures by database name and object name.  This had worked out pretty good until I noticed something the … Continue reading Searching for Plans

TSQL Tuesday #005 – Wait Stat Report – #TSQL2sDay

I’ve been meaning to join in on the T-SQL Tuesday event for the last couple months and let the time opportunity slip by.  This month’s topic is reporting and its seems like a good time to get in on the event. The great thing about reporting is that for the past few months I’ve been … Continue reading TSQL Tuesday #005 – Wait Stat Report – #TSQL2sDay

Wait Stat Categories

A few weeks ago I posted a job that I use to track wait stats in the DBA database that I bring to a number of clients.  I had promised to follow-up with a couple or three reports that could be used to monitor the values that were being aggregated in those tables. Before getting … Continue reading Wait Stat Categories

If You Don’t Know Where You’ve Been

If you don’t know where you've been, how can you expect to know where you are going.  Seems like such a simple little line and I’m sure many of us can look at history, politicians, and maybe that restaurant review that you didn't heed when it comes to this line.  But this also applies to DBAs and more specifically … Continue reading If You Don’t Know Where You’ve Been

What Happened to My Fabulous Beverage!

Everyone likes taking some time to relax.  You’re sitting out in the sunshine or on a beach and the waitress is bringing you your favorite beverage.  The company and conversation is great and it seems like the perfect day.  And then… suddenly without warning… your drink is gone. You were having a great time and … Continue reading What Happened to My Fabulous Beverage!

When Did That File Get So Big?

I haven’t blogged much since getting back from vacation.  It seems like a good restart after the two week hiatus would be to address an issue that has arisen countless times. Sudden File Growth In a number of SQL Server environments that I’ve worked in there either isn’t a method for monitoring file size or … Continue reading When Did That File Get So Big?

Really Search Cache for Execution Plans

Today’s stored procedure that you can use in your DBA database is a re-hash of a post I did a couple months ago.  The reason for re-hashing the procedure is that when I used it last week I found out there were some serious issues with its results.  Some plans were being duplicated and the … Continue reading Really Search Cache for Execution Plans