December AppDev Webcast

The new year is just around the corner.  And before you know it, we’ll have an opportunity to start moving SQL Server 2012 into production.  While we anxiously await that day, it is a good idea to make sure that you are up on the latest T-SQL enhancements that are coming in the next release.  … Continue reading December AppDev Webcast

Speaking in Colorado Springs

I’m probably going to have to put together a new SQL video, because I’ve been accepted to speak at SQL Saturday #104.  The e-mail came in last night and it appears I have two sessions for the event.  Enough about those for the moment, let’s talk about the upcoming event. SQL Saturday 104 To start … Continue reading Speaking in Colorado Springs

PASS Summit 2011 Session Materials

I’ll be posting a summit wrap-up after I return next week from my honeymoon.  Until then, though, I wanted to make sure that anyone that wanted them, had the materials I used in my presentation. [download id="50"] Execution plans are stored after execution in the plan cache. This metadata about how queries are executed can … Continue reading PASS Summit 2011 Session Materials

SQL Saturday 98 Follow-Up

I’ve been meaning to follow-up with links to the presentations that I delivered at SQL Saturday 98.  It’s a few weeks late, but they are all now uploaded to the SQL Saturday site.  If you don’t want to go there, you can get this here as well: [download id="5"] [download id="8"] [download id="48"] I had … Continue reading SQL Saturday 98 Follow-Up

Pain of the Week: Understanding Your Indexes

Want to take a few minutes out of your day on to learn a bit more about indexes?  On Thursday, I’ll be presenting at Quest’s Pain of the Week webcast.  The session will be Understanding Your Indexes: Operational Stats. There's a lot that goes on under the covers of SQL Server with your indexes. But … Continue reading Pain of the Week: Understanding Your Indexes

PASS DBA Virtual Chapter Tomorrow

Tomorrow is time for part two of my presentations this month on Extended Events for the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter.  If you missed the first part of this series, you can watch it before hand here. Below are the details on the event and the session description… Extended Events, Work Smarter Not Harder – Part … Continue reading PASS DBA Virtual Chapter Tomorrow

Speaking At The PASS Summit

It appears I was fortunate enough to be selected to speak at the 2011 PASS Summit.  This is shaping up to be a rock solid summit this year.  The day before the summit is my birthday, I get to speak at the summit, and then afterwards on to my honeymoon with Sarah (Blog | @DanceM0m). … Continue reading Speaking At The PASS Summit

Speaking at PASS DBA Virtual Chapter

If you are looking to become more familiar with extended events, take a gander at this month’s DBA Virtual Chapter meeting.  I’ll be presenting at both of the meetings for the month. The first meeting will cover the basics and some information on where Extended Events is going.  The second will cover some deeper content … Continue reading Speaking at PASS DBA Virtual Chapter

TechFuse Follow-Up

Last week I spoke at the TechFuse event in Minnesota – out at Mystic Lake Casino.  As I mentioned in the session, I wanted to post the content from my session – [download id="5"]. Along with including a few links that people might find useful.  First, we skipped talking about XQuery – if you want … Continue reading TechFuse Follow-Up

Twin City Code Camp 10 Is Coming

Twin Cities Code Camp will be hitting the University of Minnesota Campus again next month.  This is a biannual event in the Twin Cities where developers can get together and show their code.  An opportunity to see what other people are doing and to exchange ideas. The event is on Saturday and Sunday on the … Continue reading Twin City Code Camp 10 Is Coming