December AppDev Webcast


The new year is just around the corner.  And before you know it, we’ll have an opportunity to start moving SQL Server 2012 into production.  While we anxiously await that day, it is a good idea to make sure that you are up on the latest T-SQL enhancements that are coming in the next release.  So – here’s an opportunity to do just that.

Later this month, I’ll be presenting at the Application Development Virtual Chapter on T-SQL enhancements to SQL Server 2012.  By later this month, I mean on December 27th – you can think of this as a late Christmas present.

SQL Server 2012 – An Open Window to T-SQL Enhancements

The upcoming release of SQL Server is full of new features to help everyone from DBAs to developers. In this session, we’ll examine some of the new features that are being added to the T-SQL language. From error handling to windowing functions, we’ll look at the new flexibility and power available within the T-SQL language.

The Live Meeting link will be up a little later this month – I’ll update and retweet with that information when it is available.

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