SQL Saturday 99 – Data Education

Welcome to the third of a few sponsor interview posts from SQL Saturday 99.  After reading Arnie Rowland’s (Blog | @ArnieRowland) Paying For Free post, I thought it might be worthwhile to do a little bit more to interview our attendees and others to the sponsors that enabled us to have our Minnesota event.

For today’s post, I have an interview with Data Education.  Data Education was one of the Gold sponsors for the SQL Saturday event.  They were a new sponsor this year.  One thing I really enjoyed with their sponsorship was the Frisbees they sent for the swag bag – that appeared quite popular – or else there was a mini-saucer invasion that occurred that I didn’t know about.

1. Thank you for sponsoring our SQL Saturday.  For the attendees that weren’t able to visit with you at the event, is there anything you’d like to share with them? Data Education is dedicated to bringing the best SQL Server trainers to the DBAs and devs who need them. Many of our instructors are Microsoft MVPs, most are published authors, and all are veteran trainers and speakers. We keep our classes small and intimate, allowing plenty of time for real-world modeling and hands-on discussion between instructor and student. Stay tuned for our several SQL Server 2012-centric classes!

2. Why did you sponsor the Minnesota SQL Saturday? It seems unfair that people living and working more in the "middle" of the country must often travel to the coasts to find the training they need. We know Minnesota is a growing hotbed of the database industry, and we wanted MN dataheads to know that we are starting to offer Midwest classes, starting with our May 2012 class with Kalen Delaney. More will follow soon, hopefully, including some classes in Minnesota itself.

3. What services/products does your company offer? We offer the best advanced-level SQL Server training available, from two and three-day workshops on performance tuning and HA/disaster recovery to Itzik Ben-Gan’s world-famous T-SQL querying and programming course.

4. Have you sponsored other SQL Saturday events? Yes: Kansas City, Louisville, and Boston, with more to come.

5. What are your thoughts on SQL Saturdays? Just that we were so happy to be a part of it! Congratulations to all the organizers on a very successful event.

Thank you to Data Education for sponsoring our event.  If you receive an after event e-mail from Data Education, please give them a couple minutes to see if they may be offering just the class you are looking for.