The #Meme15 On Social Networking


During a recent conversation with a few fellow bloggers, the conversation turned to how we each got started with blogging and social media platforms.  This led to a whole slew of questions:

  • Why do other people blog?
  • How do some bloggers keep up with publishing?
  • What do you people use their social media platforms for?
  • Why did he/she post those crazy/inappropriate items?
  • What social media lessons have people learned?

Questions, of course, want to be answered.  So, let’s start answering them.  Without waxing too much poetic, we are starting a new meme thread for the middle of each month.  For simplicity, let’s just call it #meme15 and the posts will be due between the 14th-16th each month.  That way we can be sure not to not get stuck posting on a weekend.

#Meme15 Assignment #1

The first writing assignment for #meme15 will be to talk about blogging. The post should answer one of the following or both:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Why do you currently blog?

The answers can be as short or long as you wish – please, though, don’t compete with War and Peace.  The great thing about these questions is that there are no wrong answers.  They just need to be posted on or around December 15th.

Be sure to include the #meme15 hash tag in either your post title or include it when you tweet out the link to the post.  I’ll summarize as many of the posts as I can find a couple days later.

Other SQL Community Memes

If you aren’t already participating, there are already a few going on in the community #TSQLTuesday, #MemeMonday, and Un-SQL Friday.  Watch for those for opportunities to blog without having to come up with your own topic.  Beyond having a easy topic choice, they also provide a window for more people to see what you have to say.

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