Webcast Presentation Materials: Building Security Audits with Extended Events

WebcamEarlier today, I presented a session for Pragmatic Works Training on the T’s; which occur every Tuesday and Thursday.  In the session, I talked about using SQL Audit (which is based on extended events) and building your own extended event sessions, titled Building Security Audits with Extended Events.  In the session, I discussed the need for security audits and the options available with SQL Audit (built on extended events) and available within extended events through other event types.

The abstract for the sessions is:

It’s 11 AM, do you know what your users are doing? One of the important roles for any database administrator is that of The Gatekeeper – standing in front of the data platform ensuring that only those with permission have access to the database. Along with that, DBAs also need to ensure that users are not abusing the access that they have already in the database. In this session, we’ll review these challenges and discuss how you can leverage extended with security audits.

Session Materials

The presentation materials, including the slide deck and the code can be downloaded from this link:

  • [download id=”77″]

For just the slide deck, you can flip through the slides below.

Thanks to those that attended the webcast.  We went over by a couple minutes, but I think we got all of the questions answered.  If you had a question that didn’t get answered during the webcast, feel free to leave the question in the comments below.

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