Can You Dig It? – Researching Index Scans

Follow the rest of this series at the Can You Dig It? - Plan Cache series introduction post. It’s been a while since the last plan cache series post.   In the last few posts, I was focusing on specific attributes.  Instead of continuing on that vein, I want to cover a use case that fit … Continue reading Can You Dig It? – Researching Index Scans

Pain of the Week: Understanding Your Indexes

Want to take a few minutes out of your day on to learn a bit more about indexes?  On Thursday, I’ll be presenting at Quest’s Pain of the Week webcast.  The session will be Understanding Your Indexes: Operational Stats. There's a lot that goes on under the covers of SQL Server with your indexes. But … Continue reading Pain of the Week: Understanding Your Indexes

PASS DBA Virtual Chapter Tomorrow

Tomorrow is time for part two of my presentations this month on Extended Events for the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter.  If you missed the first part of this series, you can watch it before hand here. Below are the details on the event and the session description… Extended Events, Work Smarter Not Harder – Part … Continue reading PASS DBA Virtual Chapter Tomorrow

Speaking at PASS DBA Virtual Chapter

If you are looking to become more familiar with extended events, take a gander at this month’s DBA Virtual Chapter meeting.  I’ll be presenting at both of the meetings for the month. The first meeting will cover the basics and some information on where Extended Events is going.  The second will cover some deeper content … Continue reading Speaking at PASS DBA Virtual Chapter

T-SQL Tuesday #17 – APPLY Knowledge

It’s that time of the month again… again.  Time for T-SQL Tuesday!  This month’s event is being hosted by Matt Velic (Blog | @mvelic).  The topic that he chose for this month is the APPLY operator. This is a great topic.   I like it because, often, when I am presenting I ask the question, “who … Continue reading T-SQL Tuesday #17 – APPLY Knowledge

Index Black Ops Series

Previously, in a TSQL2sDay index summary post, I started a series on the DMV sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats.  The series investigates how the columns in the DMV are populated and demonstrates how to aggregate values in the DMV. The posts in this series are: Index Black Ops Part 1 – Locking and Blocking Index Black Ops Part 2 … Continue reading Index Black Ops Series